Countryside Picnic

From: 45,00


Red Wine: Monólogo
Minibiscotes: 8gr
Confitura: Confitura BM 36G
Pates: 25g
Melted Chesse: President
Countryside : Portion
Ham: Bouda 80g
Snack: Varied
Chips: Package

Bread: Malagueña
Mineral Water: Solán 75cl
Ornament: Meditarrean Ornament
Olives: Ace ranch Esp.
Salt and pepper: monodose
Grissini: Risto robert
Regañás: Package
Anothers: Snack
Seasonal fruit: Apple or pear

It includes the whole disposable material to enjoy it from the first moment: plates, cups and glasses , napkins, tablecloth, etc and a dustbin liner to make it quite clean. Wicker Basquet is not included.

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